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11. 2. 2022

All beginnings are difficult

My husband and I met a few years ago, and now we are almost 40 years old. Of course, we wanted to fulfill our dream of having a child together, and after a year of unsuccessful attempts, we went to a fertility doctor.

5. 8. 2021


I went through a very difficult personal experience a few years ago in which a situation presented itself and I couldn't help out my friends who really needed me.

1. 8. 2021


Since I was little, I’ve always been interested in the the act of giving and giving back. After becoming a nurse I decided to return to school to become a teacher.


31. 7. 2021

Sofie and Casper

Given the fact that my husband and I were trying to conceive with no success for a long time, it was clear that we needed expert help. We had considered going for treatment in Spain or Greece and had done tons of research online.


29. 7. 2021

Andrea and Premek

My husband and I started struggling to have a baby seven years ago. By that time, I went to regular gynecologic examinations, which showed that I had serious health problems.


27. 7. 2021

Eva and Radan

Our story began many years ago when my husband and I decided to get married after several years of dating. We were both already in our 30’s at the time of the wedding and definitely had plans of starting a family, albeit, not right away.


26. 2. 2021

Patricia and Ghislain

Great plans and hopes, but also fears and often disappointments. This is how the journey to a dreamed baby can look like.


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