What is behind the excellent results of IVF treatment at Unica clinics?


What is behind the excellent results of IVF treatment at Unica clinics?
A successful outcome is a primary motivation for any IVF treatment. But how do you achieve it? Many years of experience at Unica clinics clearly state that it is necessary to focus on several factors. A professional medical team and state-of-the-art treatment technology are the basis of success. But the mental well-being of our patients is an equally important aspect. Therefore, we approach each couple individually to understand their needs. We thus place maximum emphasis on the human approach and interest in the patient. This is what sets us apart from other IVF clinics. And we are thrilled patients notice this difference. One of the proofs is the experience of one of our patients. Her story touched us, so we decided to share it with you here on the blog.
After several unsuccessful attempts at another clinic in Brno, my husband and I decided to change and chose the Unica clinic. I thought the experience would be the same everywhere; more about the money than the result. But after the first consultation with Dr Matskula, I realized that this was not the case. During the whole process (egg collection and then transfer), when I was mainly taken care of by Dr Frgala and Dr Matskula, I felt great psychological support. I felt the doctors are doing their best to succeed on the first try. I did not have such a feeling at the Brno clinic mentioned above. I think the psyche plays a huge role in IVF treatment, and at the Unica clinic, I felt as comfortable as possible in all aspects.
The staff was interested in the result, not in making as much money as possible. The doctors always advised me what was right for me and what was unnecessary. The great care and support lead to a positive result on the first try! Believe me, it's not the same everywhere. And if you are hesitant, I highly recommend the Unica clinic. Sure, people tell you that everyone praised the clinic, where their treatment was successful. But it's not what I am doing. I intended to write the review right after the transfer without knowing the result. We went through a lot, especially mentally, at the original clinic, including two egg collections and three transfers. We spent a lot of money on procedures that didn't make sense. One would like to forget everything when you finally hold your baby in your arms. But I would like to use this opportunity to help other future moms and save them from unnecessary troubles. Thank you to the Unica clinic for a healthy son.

Dear Unica team,
This way, I would like to thank Dr Frgal and Dr Matskula. On August 22, after a transfer at your clinic on December 12, our healthy son was born. Someone might think it's just easy to praise the clinic where the treatment was successful, but it wasn't only that for me. I had a negative experience in other clinics in Brno, especially with the staff's approach. So after visiting Unica, I had a completely different feeling right from the beginning. A feeling of genuine interest in the result and psychological support from doctors. I think the psyche plays a significant role in the whole process. Everything went fantastic, and I felt I needed to write this review right after the transfer without even knowing the result. I knew that Dr Frgal and Dr Matskula had done everything in their power to help us become parents. And this feeling was missing while visiting the first mentioned clinic. Thank you very much again. Please let me know where I can share my experience.
I wish you a nice day,

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