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5. 8. 2021



"I went through a very difficult personal experience a few years ago in which a situation presented itself and I couldn't help out my friends who really needed me. Having lived through this and having experienced the desire to help those in need is the reason why I am in my current role at Unica today.

Having studied in the abroad and having family members that work in medicine, together, have been my motivation to seek a vocation which would allow me to connect language skills and medicine. My work at Unica has allowed me to do so and I perceive it not only as a challenge, but above all as a personal mission.

My role at Unica lies in providing care and support to couples that come to us from abroad. The goal is to guide these couples throughout treatment; to be there for them when they have any questions or are in need of support. An important task is to present our doctors’ expertise to patients, and to provide motivation and care throughout this emotional process. The role of a coordinator would not be feasible without help of my colleagues- physicians and the time they devote to their patients.

Trust between myself and my patients is something that I am very sensitive to. No matter what happens, I am mindful of their need for support, motivation, and compassion. I am going to be there for them in moments when they need me. For every couple, IVF treatment presents a difficult period when they need to feel safe and calm. Seeing new parents with their children is a magnificent reward for me, knowing that I took some part in helping them achieve the gift of life. Being a part of it is one of the most beautiful feelings."

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1. 8. 2021


Since I was little, I’ve always been interested in the the act of giving and giving back. After becoming a nurse I decided to return to school to become a teacher.


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