"Since I was little, I’ve always been interested in the the act of giving and giving back. After becoming a nurse I decided to return to school to become a teacher. Currently I work at a Czech-English day-care center. I regularly donate blood and am registered with a donor record for bone marrow donation as well. Knowing that I have contributed in some way to helping potential parents start a family is the motivation that fuels my life.

As a nurse, I am aware of the current alternatives offered in reproductive medicine. I have of course become familiar with oocyte donation as a method to help women who cannot conceive. Because of Unica, I was able to help another couple have a baby. Picturing them smile as a happy family is a feeling that will stay with me forever.

Unica was recommended to me by good friends of mine. It was definitely the right choice. The staff was extremely professional and knowledgable and helped me navigate the entire process both from a physical and emotional perspective. Unica’s mission of fulfilling a couple’s dream is something that I felt throughout the entire experience."

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