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The story of Mrs Landersheim

The story of Mrs Landersheim Trying to get pregnant is best understood by those who have experienced it themselves. That's why this story of our ambassador Sabine may give some of you the motivation and courage you need in infertility treatment.

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3. 3. 2022

Hungarian couples can finally make their dreams come true in the Czech Republic

In many cases, couples struggling with infertility undergo a number of interventions before they are faced with the fact that the woman cannot get pregnant with her own eggs.

11. 2. 2022

All beginnings are difficult

My husband and I met a few years ago, and now we are almost 40 years old. Of course, we wanted to fulfill our dream of having a child together, and after a year of unsuccessful attempts, we went to a fertility doctor.

26. 2. 2021

Patricia and Ghislain

Great plans and hopes, but also fears and often disappointments. This is how the journey to a dreamed baby can look like.


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