All beginnings are difficult


"My husband and I met a few years ago, and now we are almost 40 years old. Of course, we wanted to fulfill our dream of having a child together, and after a year of unsuccessful attempts, we went to a fertility doctor. The first one was in Italy, but we didn't like him very much after the first consultation. We just didn't click. And, more importantly, we felt we were undergoing many useless, costly procedures that brought us very few results. In other words, out of sheer greed for profit. After researching the internet, we found the Unica clinic, which we liked right away. The first meeting with Dr Cepelak (online) was exciting, and we immediately felt great about him and our coordinator Veronika. We very quickly decided to start an egg donation program at this clinic. We were looking forward to the cycle, and when it finally started, we were overjoyed. 

As we are flexible with our schedules, we decided to do the sperm sampling and ultrasound at the clinic together and thus make our first trip to Prague. It was all extremely easy. We flew to Prague with Ryanair and then went directly into the city by bus. Not only was it smooth, but cheap too. Our hotel was located in Prague 5, which we can highly recommend. This part of the city is well connected to the public transport network and all the city's attractions. Prague is just great, and you can reach everything on foot. Above all, the city is very clean, and the locals are friendly. The day after we arrived, we visited the clinic. It was only 10 minutes by subway from our hotel, and once we got off, the clinic was right in front of the stop. Super practical! However, there is also ample free parking for those who come by car. The Unica itself is wonderful. Pleasant colors, soft music and a warm welcome at the beginning make you almost forget the nerves that one has before such a visit. The waiting area is well divided so that you don't have to sit all together, and a small self-service bar invites you for hot and cold drinks. After a short wait, we went for a chat with Veronika and then my husband was called for the sperm delivery, which takes place in a small room with a comfortable sofa and TV. Sure, the idea that every man has to give his best is a bit strange, but it's part of the procedure. 

When my husband finished, we went to my ultrasound and our first personal meeting with Dr Cepelak and our coordinator. Doctor Cepelak is a friendly and lovely man. You can't help but feel comfortable. Thanks to Veronika, even if he doesn't speak our language, there was no communication problem. The ultrasound examination was very discreet, and apart from the doctor himself, all the others remained outside the booth waiting for our return. Unfortunately, there was no good news after that. My endometrium had not developed as required, so the doctor had to cancel the transfer. Any woman can imagine how I felt. Devastated! Being told you have to let this cycle pass and try the next one again was hell. Dr Cepelak explained that with a low endometrial transfer, abortion or implantation failure risks were too big, and we would have wasted a precious blast. I admit that I found all this unfair and terrible during the consultation. Even though Dr Cepelak was very understanding and told me several times how sorry he was, I wanted to leave and recover. Now, with a bit of distance and a cool head, I am pleased with the clinic's decision because I know that so many others would have gone on and accepted a pre-planned bankruptcy just to be able to continue billing. We are now looking forward to the next cycle and hope that everything goes according to plan."


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