The story of Mrs Landersheim


Like almost every woman, I always wanted to have children. When I was younger, I wasn't too worried about not being able to conceive. I thought maybe it was a sign that I was trying with the wrong partner. However, by the time I met the one who was perfect for me, I was already 38 years old, and suddenly problems getting pregnant became a big issue.

During a visit to the gynaecologist, I confided in her about my desire to have a baby and the fact that we hadn't been successful yet. She recommended that I take my temperature to find out the time of ovulation. She assured me that we would definitely be able to conceive that way. Only that didn't happen and I decided to find another doctor. Upon examination, he immediately noticed that my fallopian tubes looked abnormal and recommended surgery to discover what was wrong with them. So I got an appointment, but soon the coronavirus pandemic came and all surgeries, including mine, were cancelled.

A friend recommended that I contact a reproductive clinic since I had been dealing with my pregnancy problem for a long time. I never thought I would be a patient of such a clinic, but I booked an appointment anyway. Here too, my problem with my left fallopian tube and the need for further surgery was confirmed. So I had the operation and the whole team of doctors and nurses were very nice to me.

After the operation, the doctor came to discuss my condition with me. Unfortunately, however, she told me that during the surgery they found that both fallopian tubes were adhesive and closed. There was nothing they could do other than remove them completely. It was a huge blow to me. It was immediately clear to me that I would not be able to get pregnant naturally. So the only option left was artificial insemination, and all because I had contracted a certain infection that I didn't even know about myself.

The doctors at the reproductive clinic made it clear that as a 39-year-old single woman in Germany, I would have to pay for the entire treatment myself. Moreover, the statistics were clear and we had to face the truth. But after some research we were clear; if we were to pay for the entire treatment, we would go abroad for treatment. Not only are the laws different here, but you get better or more comprehensive services for the same money.

However, the necessary travel was also an important factor, so we first chose a clinic that I had already visited before. It turned out that it was not a good choice for us. We were naive and started ICSI therapy, which was not successful. I only got 2 follicles with the standard procedure. On retrieving them, they were found to be empty and therefore I had no eggs to fertilise. I had no idea this was possible. We were both very disappointed and although the doctors at the clinic were very sorry, our age and my hormone levels spoke volumes. Shouldn't we consider a donated egg after all?

But I couldn't relate to the possibility of getting pregnant with an egg that wasn't mine at all. So we left the clinic and never came back. When the initial shock wore off, we started looking again. In the meantime, I joined several online groups of women who were dealing with the same or similar problem as me. That's how I met Anna, who was already under the care of Unica Reproductive Clinic and undergoing treatment with a donated egg. We corresponded a lot and Anna was willing to answer all my questions and relieve me of some of my fears. I was able to share my thoughts with her and she was a huge support to me. I am grateful that I had that opportunity because honestly, no one in your environment can help you. Anyone who hasn't been through the same situation themselves can't understand. Anna clearly explained to me the pros and cons of self stimulation and treatment with a donated egg. In the end, we decided to go for the donated egg as well.

I had three clinics to choose from. One of them was Unica and it was my first contact with Unica that convinced me. The initial interview took place in person at the clinic and from the first moment we were thrilled. My coordinator was Marie, who welcomed us very warmly, and the doctor was also very nice and open. He answered all of our questions and we finally decided to go ahead with the egg donation treatment.

After about a week, Unica suggested three donors and the next step of the treatment could begin. Suddenly it was all so real, it really was here already! Everything was new and exciting. Every question I had at the clinic was answered quickly and we felt we were getting the best care possible, even if the communication was only email. I never felt like they didn't care or that I was on my own.

The donor cycle was tailored to my cycle so that everything went smoothly. My ultrasound checks were done by a gynaecologist in Germany and everything was as it should be. 
For the collection of my husband's sperm and the fertilization of the eggs, we again travelled personally to Prague. 
This time, too, we were warmly welcomed at Unica. My husband then went to a room with a couch, a TV 
and various magazines. It sounds strange, but it kind of goes with the whole process. After he handed in his sample, we drove back home again. On the same day, the egg retrieval took place. 
with the donor and then fertilization with her partner's sperm.

As a patient, you get access to the patient area where you are constantly updated on the embryo's development. The transfer then follows on day 5 of development. We left for Prague a day early, so that we could have breakfast in the morning - if at all possible - and leave for Unica. The friendly team welcomed us and took us to the back where the small rooms are located. We were given one 
for my husband and I and we waited for the transfer. When it was our turn, Marie accompanied us to the room and was by my side throughout the transfer. Everything went smoothly and the doctor was very nice.

I was taken back to my husband's room where I was to lie for another 15 minutes. 
and rest before we left the clinic. Then there was nothing to do but wait and pray. I sat in the car and couldn't believe that I now had a tiny little thing inside me that would ideally develop into a baby. It actually happened and I was pregnant.

Unfortunately, however, I started bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant and miscarried. It was incredibly sad, but unfortunately this is part of IVF and happens to many women. Even 
even more than I thought. After a three month break, we are now just before our second attempt. This time it will be a cryotransfer as we still have one small embryo frozen. And because hope is the last thing to die.

What do I want to say to all the couples in the same situation? Don't be shy and let the doctors at the reproductive clinic help you. They can almost always make your dream come true. And you are not to blame for the fact that it didn't happen naturally!

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