Maja Henigman: Guiding Hope and Building Families as an IVF Coordinator


Introduction: Maja Henigman, an IVF coordinator, is a compassionate and dedicated professional who plays a vital role in assisting infertile couples throughout their fertility treatment journey. As the bridge between patients and specialist doctors, Maja offers invaluable emotional support, informational guidance, and coordination of care. Her expertise and commitment to personalized care have made her an essential figure in the realm of infertility treatment. In this article, we will explore Maja's role as an ambassador of hope and delve into her experiences and perspectives within the field.

The IVF Coordination Process:
As an IVF coordinator at the Unica clinic in the Czech Republic, Maja ensures that couples receive comprehensive care from the very beginning. During the initial consultation, she thoroughly reviews the couple's medical history, diagnoses, and previous fertility treatments. Maja provides detailed information about the various fertility treatment options available at the clinic, clarifying procedures and addressing any concerns. By working closely with the couple, Maja facilitates their preparation for consultations with the head physician, streamlining the process and ensuring that essential information reaches the doctor beforehand.

Continual Support throughout Treatment:
Maja's involvement does not end with the initial consultation; she remains an accessible resource for couples throughout their entire treatment journey. Whether it's providing updates, answering questions, or offering emotional support, Maja is there for her couples. Her unwavering dedication ensures that patients feel supported and understood during what can be an emotionally challenging time.

The Advantages of Treatment Abroad:
Maja often encounters questions about the benefits of seeking fertility treatment abroad. She explains that while the protocols and medications used in different countries may be similar, there are notable advantages to pursuing treatment overseas. Specialists abroad tend to be more flexible, willing to explore different medication combinations and less common protocols. Additionally, the holistic and individualized approach to treatment abroad often sets it apart, offering a more comprehensive and tailored experience for couples. Maja emphasizes that while the quality of care in Slovenia is commendable, greater cooperation and openness among clinics and a willingness to collaborate with foreign countries could further enhance the field of fertility treatment.

Maja's Daily Routine: Maja's commitment to her work is evident in her daily routine. After dropping off her children at school and kindergarten, she dedicates her mornings to addressing a myriad of emails and private messages, including those from the Facebook group she manages, focused on infertility support. She also spends time preparing educational articles for her website. With a whiteboard above her computer displaying active couples and pregnant women under her care, Maja ensures that she stays up to date with each individual's progress. In the afternoons, she tends to her children, prepares meals, and remains available for phone consultations with couples seeking information or additional support.

The Drive to Help Infertile Couples:
Maja's own personal journey through infertility treatment has shaped her deep empathy for others facing similar challenges. After seeking information and support on online forums, Maja became involved in a Facebook group that eventually led to her assuming a leadership role. Her extensive knowledge in the field is a result of her education in health sciences, clinical training, and collaboration with Dr. Tomaš Frgala, the head physician at the Unica clinic. Maja's own experience has reinforced her understanding of patients' needs and drives her commitment to their well-being.

Navigating High Expectations and Failures:
While Maja finds her profession beautiful and rewarding, she acknowledges its demands. Fertility treatment can be emotionally taxing for couples, and not all procedures result in success. Maja places great importance on providing appropriate emotional support to couples, balancing empathy with professionalism. She believes in being sincere and realistic with couples, offering them transparency rather

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