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International Gynecological Awareness Day

Join us on International Gynecological Awareness Day as we celebrate unity, courage, and open conversations about women's health. Discover the importance of regular checkups and trust UNICA for your fertility and reproductive needs.

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1. 9. 2023

The available options after a failed transfer

After a failed embryo transfer, Unica offers unwavering support. Explore potential causes and solutions for a brighter fertility journey with us.

23. 8. 2023

World Breastfeeding Month

World Breastfeeding Month celebrates benefits of breastfeeding: prevents child deaths, reduces breast cancer risk. IVF mothers can breastfeed too, here are tips for success. UNICA supports fertility journey.

10. 8. 2023

Spermiogram and the first steps in the treatment of infertility

Unlock insights into male fertility with a spermogram. Learn its role, ideal values, and treatment options for infertility. Start your journey today.


26. 7. 2023

Is there a risk of multiple births following IVF?

Discover the mechanisms behind multiple pregnancies after IVF. While the average chance of multiple births is low (4%), comprehending monozygotic and dizygotic twins sheds light on the risks. Unica is here to guide you on your journey to parenthood.


11. 7. 2023

11 July, World Population Day

World Population Day: Reflecting on Earth's Growth and Challenges. Learn more about fertility, declining birth rates, and how Unica clinics offer hope to couples struggling with infertility.


21. 6. 2023

Bjarne and Lotte's Joyful Journey to Parenthood with Unica Clinic: A Success Story

Unica helped Bjarne and Lotte achieve their dream of parenthood after 4.5 years of trying. The couple chose Unica clinic due to its holistic approach, and Dr Frgala's expertise. After a successful IVF treatment, they welcomed their daughter Annamaja.


1. 6. 2023

Fertility preservation is a unique chance to insure your future parenthood

Fertility preservation: Freeze eggs/sperm for future parenthood. Suitable for delaying parenthood, health issues, or without a partner. Take control of your reproductive journey and secure your parenthood options!


30. 5. 2023

Egg and Sperm Donation in Czech Republic - why are Germans choosing Unica

We are pleased to inform you that Mr. Frgala, Head of the IVF Clinic Unica in Brno, recently accepted an invitation for an interview for Radio Prague International.


18. 5. 2023

IVF treatment is finally no longer taboo

IVF treatment sheds taboo as famous couples share success stories. Infertility affects 1 in 6 couples. Let us help you on your journey to parenthood. Contact Unica clinic for individual solutions and take the first step towards your dream baby.


15. 5. 2023

15th May is an International Family Day

Celebrate International Family Day, recognizing family's importance as society's foundation. Infertility affects 15% globally. At Unica, our doctors offer personalized care, advanced IVF, and holistic treatments. Schedule a consultation today.


3. 5. 2023


Unica clinic helped Ádám's parents fulfill their dream of having a baby. Their trust paid off, resulting in a healthy newborn in Hungary. We congratulate the new family and thank them for entrusting their fertility journey to us.





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