Celebrating Over 30 Years of Fertility Support During Infertility Awareness Week


From April 21st to 27th, we globally commemorate Infertility Awareness Week, a time dedicated to fostering compassion, understanding, and support for those facing conception challenges. At Unica, we are both proud and humbled to have been part of the fertility journey for thousands of families over the past three decades.

Founded in 1991 by MUDr. Zdeněk Hanzelka, Unica has been at the forefront of assisted reproduction technology. Just two years after opening, we celebrated the birth of our first IVF baby, marking the beginning of a new era in fertility treatments. The advancements continued with the first baby born through egg donation in 2003, demonstrating our commitment to providing innovative solutions.

Our collaboration with McGill University from 2014 to 2019 enhanced our academic and clinical practices, ensuring our treatments remained at the cutting edge of technology. In 2017, we expanded our reach by opening a new clinic in Prague, further cementing our role as a leader in the fertility field. Joining the International Fertility Alliance in 2019 allowed us to share our expertise and learn from other leaders globally.

Reflecting on our journey, it's heartening to know that we have helped to bring over 10,000 babies into the world, fulfilling the dreams of countless parents. During this week of awareness, we honor every individual and couple who has embarked on this challenging but hopeful path. Let us all extend our compassion and support to those who strive to turn their dreams of parenthood into reality.

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