Diet and Fertility: Key Nutritional Strategies for Successful Conception


A healthy diet is a precondition for a heatlhy pregnancy. Green vegetable, fish or various kinds of spice are fertility-supporting foods.

Chances of conception increase in the kitchen

Do you know that the right diet can help to enhance fertility? A healthy diet is generally recommended to all mums and dads to be. Half of your plate should be filled by fresh fruits and vegetables. Besides, you can add to your diet foods that can help to enhance chances of conception. Which of them support ovulation and help to increase the number of sperms?

Leaf vegetables - leafy green vegetables contain a significant amount of folates. Folate has a positive impact on ovulation and spermatogenesis. It can be found in kale, chard, spinach and Brussel sprouts. Avocado - a popular green fruit contains vitamin E, which increases a thickness of endometrium and chances of a successful pregnancy. Sunflower seeds - sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E, which is an essential nutrient increasing the number and motility of sperms.

Beans and lentils - a high protein content in legumes supports ovulation. Lentils are source of spermidine, which is involved in the egg fertilization process.

Green asparagus - a superfood packed with nutrients. It contains folate, which increases chances of a healthy pregnancy. The positive effect of asparagus on a sperm count has been known since the Middle Ages.

Oysters - primarily known for its aphrodisiac effects, but they also help to increase chances of conception. Loaded with zinc, which is essential for testosterone production and increases a sperm production.

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