Why International Patients Choose Czech Republic for IVF: Forbes interview


International patients are drawn to the Czech Republic for IVF treatments due to the country's high standards of medical care, the tradition of excellence and anonymity in reproductive medicine, and the favorable cost compared to other countries.

In an interview with Forbes, Unica Clinic's CEO Edouard Perra shares insights into why Unica is a preferred choice for many worldwide, emphasizing the clinic's long-standing tradition of quality, the personal approach to patient care, and its significant contributions to the field of reproductive health.

The renowned quality and affordability of Czech reproductive specialists have attracted clients from as far as Australia, showcasing the global reach of Unica Clinic, which opened the country's first private reproductive clinic in 1991. Previously, clients from countries like Germany and Austria were drawn by the Czech Republic's more flexible legislation.

Despite legislative changes in these countries, the reputation of Czech clinics, particularly Unica, has soared, welcoming clients from 29 countries across the globe, cementing its status as a leading European destination for reproductive services.

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