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29. 7. 2021

Andrea and Premek


"My husband and I started struggling to have a baby seven years ago. By that time, I went to regular gynecologic examinations, which showed that I had serious health problems. I was devastated, almost depressed, and would start crying anytime someone mentioned the word children “child.

When I was 25, I had to undergo a laparoscopy and subsequently one of my fallopian tubes was removed. Doctors then recommended that I try to become pregnant as soon as possible. It wasn’t working, and unfortunately, my doctor had to remove my second fallopian tube after an extra uterine pregnancy. Our dream of having children relied fully on the help of Fertility doctors.

I contacted the Unica coordination team immediately. From the very first phone call, everything went smoothly. No postponements, no stress and no hours and hours of waiting in an overcrowded waiting room. The Unica staff were incredibly professional and master communicators. It wasn’t even comparable to our previous experiences in which we were sometimes even afraid to ask questions.

After consulting with the doctor at Unica, we went through the first stimulation cycle...and it was a success. After seven years of trying our handsome son Premek was born. As you can imagine, we are the happiest parents in the world."

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