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31. 7. 2021

Sofie and Casper


"Given the fact that my husband and I were trying to conceive with no success for a long time, it was clear that we needed expert help. We had considered going for treatment in Spain or Greece and had done tons of research online. However, we feared significant language barriers with these clinics.

A friend of a friend had chosen Unica’s services for their fertility treatment and highly recommended that we did the same. We got in contact with Unica immediately via the Unica website. This marked the beginning of our close relationship with our coordinator. We knew we were in good hands right from the beginning.

We were taken care of with immense professional empathy and experience which given the nature of the fertility procedures is not always easy to find. We felt like we had found a true partner in our attempt to have a child. It felt right, right from the start.

Unica was always at our disposal to clarify any questions. The environment of the clinic also contributed greatly to our well-being. Actually, we felt like we were going to be successful the minute we set foot in the clinic.

And we were right! Our son is amazing. He loves excavators, broccoli and Elvis, and we are grateful to Unica for helping us bring him into the world.

When you are struggling to conceive, it is hard to stay positive when everything can seem to be going against you. It requires a lot of effort and strength. Thankfully we had Unica. A few final words to potential Unica patients: Unica really can make your dream come to true even if it seems, at times, completely out of reach. We hope our story can help potential parents make the right choice."

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