The direct effects of sleep on fertility


Although the evidence found by studies is not entirely conclusive, a few scientific facts are worth knowing. The part of our brains in control of releasing sleep-wake hormones - such as cortisol and melatonin - is the same one that regulates reproductive hormones. These hormones will in turn have a negative impact on ovulation if released improperly. The male partner’s sperm maturation process may also be affected. What are the consequences? In women, this process will bring about irregular menstrual cycles. In men, decreased fertility translates into low-quality sperm that can create problems in trying to conceive. 

The indirect effects of sleep on fertility

Keep in mind the holistic approach. We all know what to expect if we sleep too little or too much. Lack of sleep may lead to increased stress and negative emotions, both of which may reduce fertility. Besides, healthy sleeping habits decrease the risk of other conditions such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular problems. An overall balanced sleep schedule will help you overcome such risks which may cause infertility. 

Our 4 tips for you 

1. Find out your optimal amount of sleeping time

At Unica we know that each patient has different needs. 8 hours per night is not the right amount of sleep for everyone. It may be more or less than that. How do you feel when you wake up? Did you sleep enough or too little? 

2. Do some yoga or meditation before going to sleep

Relaxation techniques of this kind can significantly improve your sleep quality. Check out our fertility yoga videos.

3. Find your rhythm and keep it consistent

Once you have discovered how many hours of sleep you need, try to follow a structured sleep schedule if possible. According to one study, working night shifts may be linked to infertility and miscarriage.

4. Exercise!

This is always a good tip and will help both your physical and mental wellbeing. Don’t know where to start from? Read more about our holistic approach to reproductive medicince

Improving your healthy sleep habits will benefit you even after your fertility journey. In the meanwhile, we are here to help you conceive and bring some joy into 2021.

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