Fertility diagnostics

We use the most modern procedures and technologies to tell us about your fertility. Thanks to an accurate diagnosis, we will help you become parents.


Are you trying to get pregnant, but the baby still isn't coming? If you haven't conceived within a year of actively trying, we can talk about infertility from a medical point of view. We perform basic and advanced medical examinations to determine the issue.

The success of any IVF treatment depends on an accurate diagnosis. And this applies to both women and men. That is why we emphasize precise diagnosis of the possible causes of infertility at Unica. We suggest an individualized IVF treatment for each couple with the highest chance of conceiving a baby.

Couples at our clinic undergo a comprehensive initial examination, during which we use the most innovative medical methods. For men, this examination mainly includes a spermiogram. The results are available almost immediately. The basic examination for women consists of a more thorough gynaecological examination and blood tests.


What awaits you at the beginning of your baby journey?



Spermiogram examination

This is a basic diagnostic method for monitoring the number, shape and mobility of sperm.

  • Hormonal examination

  • Genetic testing

  • Urological examination

  • Immunological examination

All these examinations are extended diagnostic methods. We approach them when the spermiogram values are pathological.

Sperm Flow test

The flow cytometry evaluates the number of sperm, its vitality, the number of leukocytes, the integrity of the sperm acrosome and the presence of intra-acrosomal protein.

Joint examination

CGT PLUS - preconception screening

CGT or Carrier Genetic Testing is an advanced genetic test. It determines whether future parents are carriers of specific genetic mutations that could cause severe diseases in their children.

Genetic testing

Abnormal genetic test findings can be the cause of infertility. They lead to unsuccessful treatment attempts and often to repeated miscarriages. We use special techniques to examine the chromosomes and determine the couple's genetic material.


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