Why you should consider fertility yoga


In Hindi, yoga means “to unite”. Fertility yoga is a form of yoga associating postures, meditation, and relaxation. This type of yoga enables women to put all their energy on fertility by working on their nervous and reproductive systems together.
Fertility yoga is for all women, both the ones who want to be pregnant and those who want to feel good in their bodies.

You can start fertility yoga whenever you feel like it could be useful, or when you start thinking about having a baby. It is recommended to practice this type of yoga twice a week.

Unica has uploaded many videos in many languages about fertility yoga for you. You can choose between easier and harder exercises. We made it easier for you so you can practice fertility yoga directly at home.

How exactly does fertility yoga affect my body?
These exercises affect the nervous parasympathetic system to soothe the body. Studies show that stress can be harmful to your fertility. This type of yoga also focuses a lot on the stomach, a crucial part of your body related to fertility. By practicing fertility yoga, women create more space in their pelvis, uterus and also between the hips. Every organ concerned by these exercises plays an important role in one's fertility.
Fertility yoga also acts as psychological help because it enables women to mentally accept that they will carry a baby soon. So the brain can send a message to the body, which can in turn get used to a future pregnancy.

It is proven that fertility yoga facilitates fertility treatments. A Harvard University study has shown that fertility yoga increased by more than 30 % the chances of pregnancy of women who were starting their fertility treatments. As a result, 55 % of women practicing fertility yoga and participating in the study were pregnant a year after the study was published.

That is why at Unica we offer services like learning and improving fertility yoga. Fertility yoga is part of our holistic approach to fertility. This holistic approach makes us unique in the Czech Republic. We always want the best for our patients in fulfilling their dream of being parents.

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