What to expect from your first consultation?


The first touchpoint with an IVF clinic is an important step in your fertility journey. The first impression you will have entering a fertility clinic is crucial because you may revisit it for your fundamental steps in the journey in the following months. 

The first meeting with your coordinator is either by Skype or in person. Before the meeting, we ask you to fill out a file concerning your medical experience for the doctor to see who his next patient is. Ideally, you will be asked to provide your AMH, TSH and prolactin rate. We also ask for a pelvic ultrasound report with a description of the ovaries and uterus and images, smear tests, IST tests, spermogramme and any other medical findings to get the complete history possible. 

If you choose an IVF with egg donation, there is no need to bring the AMH rate. 

We can perform all these exams directly at the clinic if you are interested. 

Therefore, the first consultation is important for you to understand the process, see the options you have, and prepare yourself for the following steps. 

After the bureaucratic part comes the medical aspect. Our doctors need a diagnosis to start with. Even though it is impossible to define the exact probability of success, doctors can form accurate estimates. Our team does its best to examine whatever is necessary. Our doctors examine the ovarian reserve, the woman's menstrual cycle, the quality of sperm, and eventually the thyroid gland function. 

Our doctors always suggest individualized treatments adapted to the patient's age, the diagnosis, and the history of previous cycles. 

At Unica clinics, our team does its best to make your treatment as comfortable for you as possible. Our team consists of professional and understanding experts. And we are here for you to fulfil your dream of a perfect family.

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