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29. 6. 2021

What is the current epidemic situation in the Czech Republic? Planned IVF treatments get a green light


The declining trend of the coronavirus epidemic in the Czech Republic comes with the easing of covid-19 measures. As a result, Czech citizens and foreign visitors can use all services, visit shops, restaurants and other facilities from the end of May. 

Life is slowly returning to normal 

Coronavirus infection numbers in the Czech republic have been declining long-term. Thanks to the strict spring lockdown, the country managed to get the pandemic under control. The current epidemic situation in the Czech Republic is therefore very favourable. Citizens and tourists can once again take full advantage of all kinds of services and shops. In some of them, it is mandatory to have a negative PCR or antigen test, vaccination certificate against covid-19 or medical certificate on suffering the covid-19 disease in the past. The same conditions apply to most foreign tourists entering the Czech Republic. The frequency of air and train connections is also increasing, so the trip to the Czech Republic does not mean any more complications. 

Unica adheres to strict hygiene measures 

An FFP2 respirator is still required in enclosed spaces and places with a higher number of persons in the Czech Republic. In Unica clinics, we also insist on these and other strict measures to ensure the greatest possible safety for our patients. That is why we have set the highest hygienic standards. To make the trip to the Czech Republic smooth for our patients, the treatment coordinators at the Unica clinics help them with its detailed planning. Free testing on covid-19 directly at the clinic remains a matter of course. We make every effort to reduce stress during treatment so that patients can fully concentrate only on their main goal. And that is to make the dream of their own family happen!

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