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28. 12. 2021

We wish you a happy new year! Unica reflects on the past year and celebrates its 30th anniversary.


With the upcoming Christmas holidays and the end of the year, it is the right time for reflection. The past year has not been easy for any of us and has set entirely new challenges. However, it made us put even more effort into our daily work. We are delighted that in 2021 we helped raise the number of new parents and fulfilled the dream of their own families. Because our main goal is also the biggest motivation, and these are the happy families we help create. 

But the end of this year is even more special for us. It has been exactly 30 years since the door of the first Unica clinic opened. The first baby we helped bring to this world is an adult now and has already started his own family. And so have we successfully grown in 30 years. We´ve gained many experts and hard-working colleagues, as well as new knowledge and important experience. 

We are aware that none of this would be possible without you, our patients, partners and all those who support us in the long term. 

We value your trust in our work and thank you very much for it. 

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of hope and new beginnings! 


Unica Clinic team


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