We do our best for your success. Free until the end of the year!

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We do our best for your success. Free until the end of the year!

Throughout the summer, UNICA supported its patients to successfully become parents. For each IVF cycle, we also provided the latest embryological methods increasing the chance of pregnancy free of charge. This means our patients saved EUR 800 on the method of selecting sperm with microfluidic chips and EmbryoGlue. Thanks to this special offer, we received not only positive reactions but most importantly positive pregnancy tests. So we decided to give more couples a better chance. That is why we have extended the offer until the end of 2020! How can these modern methods help you to conceive?

Microchips spot the best one

We all know that only the best sperm wins the race and fertilize an egg. But how do you recognize it? Embryologists use several methods to select the most active swimmer. One of the latest is the method of MSS chips (Microfluidic sperm sorting chips). During this process, the sperm passes through micro barriers that resemble the female reproductive system. The microchips sort out the most active sperm with the best genetic equipment. The MSS chips method is more gentle than the often used centrifugation method and doesn't damage the sperm in any way.

Nesting the egg

One of the most sensitive and critical parts of assisted reproduction is the embryo transfer. Thanks to the EmbryoGlue method, we make sure the embryo is firmly established in the uterus. EmbryoGlue is a tissue adhesive that contains the substance hyaluronan. This helps to glue the fertilized egg to the uterine wall. Not only does it set the embryo securely in the uterus. EmbryoGlue also supplies the egg with all the necessary nutrients and energy sources it needs for its development.

Right now you can boost your chances of success. Become a parent thanks to these modern embryological methods increasing chances of conception. Completely free until the end of the year!

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