Unica has been with you for 30 years!


Today we have an excellent reason to celebrate. Unica is celebrating its 30th anniversary! A lot happened in 1991. The world's first website went public, Ötzi's mummy was found in the Alps, and the Soviet Union finally disintegrated. And it's been exactly 30 years since the doors of the first private IVF clinic Unica opened in the Czech Republic. 

Since the founding in 1991, we have reached several important milestones that we are proud of and that have taken our work forward;


This year, we have expanded the traditional IVF treatment with the possibility of treatment with donated eggs. Thanks to our donor program, the first baby was born from a donor's egg. Today, our database of donors is the largest in the Czech Republic, and the infertility treatments in Unica start immediately with no waiting time.


As the first clinic in Europe, we have joined forces with the most respected Canadian university, McGill University in Montreal, as part of a know-how sharing project. As two leaders in IVF, we set up the best processes that increase the success of infertility treatments.


After we successfully opened the first Unica clinic in Brno in 2017, we welcomed new patients to a brand new clinic in Prague. Thanks to this, we have become even more accessible for couples from the Czech Republic and the whole of Europe.


In infertility treatment, we constantly strive to bring the latest technologies and methods. Therefore, we are the only clinic in the Czech Republic to develop a unique concept that combines the latest medical techniques with a holistic approach to treatment. 


However, if we express our thirtieth anniversary in numbers, the most important one is missing. And that's 10,000. We've been able to bring so many children into the world in the last 30 years, and that's what we see as our greatest achievement. These children and the happy families they were born into prove that our daily hard work pays off. 

However, we couldn't achieve these successes without our hard-working team. The experienced specialists, embryologists, nurses and coordinators of our clinic are the ones who turn Unica's mission and vision into reality. Therefore, our 30th anniversary celebrates our success and the strong relationships we have built with our employees, partners, and patients. Thank you very much for your long-term support and trust! 

And what is our wish for future years? We hope Unica can continue growing and helping more families fulfil their dreams about having babies. This goal will always remain our greatest motivation.

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