Treatment with 5 guaranteed eggs is 10 times cheaper in Unica clinics


Are you coming from the USA and planning IVF treatment soon? Before making any final decision, let us tell you how you can save your money and get the highest quality healthcare in our modern Unica clinics in Prague and Brno.

Finding out you have fertility problems is difficult. Finding out the high cost of infertility treatments in the USA might even be devastating. You are not only dealing with the fact that conceiving naturally is highly unlikely for you. You also face the cruel truth that having a baby using IVF treatments can lead to bankruptcy.

At this stage, many couples start to do their research to find out what their options are. Traveling abroad for fertility treatment is not only a nice holiday combined with possible IVF success. It is mainly an option to get high medical care for a fraction of the US price. And choosing the right destination and, of course, the right clinic is crucial.

Traveling for IVF to Unica clinics in the Czech Republic has many advantages. The healthcare and medical treatments are on the highest level here, and you can meet many international fertility experts working in Unica. Traveling to Prague couldn't be easier with many direct flights from New York. The result of IVF, however, is never guaranteed. And sometimes, it takes several cycles to work. So does it mean you might have to travel to Europe repeatedly? The answer is simple. No!

Within one week at Unica, we provide you with all needed examinations, embryogenesis and embryo transfer. To each couple, we guarantee 5 embryos that can be delivered to any clinic overseas. If your first try is successful, the remaining embryos can be frozen for later use. Otherwise, these embryos are used for another cycle you undergo at a clinic near your home. The price of this treatment is 10 500 USD, making Unica 10 times cheaper than some US clinics.

Does this sound like the best solution for your situation? Let us know, and contact our treatment coordinator. Our English-speaking team is here to answer all your questions, and our medical specialists are ready to help you make your dream come true.


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