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Not only infertility but also its treatment can be challenging for couples trying to conceive. Mentally or physically. It often means financial burdens for many families. Health insurance companies cover part of the treatment, but every couple funds some of the costs themselves. We think the chances of success should be available to everyone. And that's why we're giving you a helping hand in 2021!

You can make your own luck

At Unica clinics, we treat infertility with the latest techniques and procedures. Thanks to new technologies and equipment, we are constantly increasing the conception rate. We offer embryological methods that can help conception and thus increase the chance of pregnancy. The MicroChip and EmbryoGlue methods are above-standard procedures for which patients typically pay around €800. But we want every patient in Unica to have a better chance of success. In recent months, thanks to these methods, we have achieved excellent results. Therefore, we have decided to continue to offer the MicroChip and EmbryoGlue methods to all couples free of charge.

Prepare your whole body for the treatment

We have more than 20 years of experience in infertility treatment at Unica. In that time, we have long since discovered that it is necessary to have a body and soul in balance to have a successful treatment. That's why we're the only IVF clinic in the Czech Republic that introduced unique holistic fertility methods that effectively complement the modern IVF treatments. Therefore, our professional team includes acupuncture therapists, fertility yoga instructors or physiotherapists and psychologists. It is the complex treatment of the whole body that brings us the best results and your desired family. Now we offer 2 holistic fertility treatment methods of your choice at a 50% discount. So we're again a little more affordable!

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