The common concerns about egg donation


Before a woman becomes an egg donor, she tries to find out the whole process. However, many of these women often come across unprofessional web articles and discussions that might stress them out. These are often myths and assumptions that need to be explained and set right. And that's why in this article, we explain why these concerns are entirely unnecessary.

Lack of eggs for own future pregnancy
Every healthy woman is born with a supply of several hundred thousand eggs. During her lifetime, her body releases only a few hundred of them. Only a few are taken when donating eggs, so you will still have enough for your pregnancy.
Pregnancy during the egg donation process
Due to ovarian stimulation, female fertility increases. However, it is not necessary to stop using contraception. We will always inform you about the suitability of protection against unwanted pregnancy.

Risks during egg retrieval
The Unica clinic guarantees compliance with the strictest medical procedures to minimize complications during egg retrieval. These may only concern skin irritation at the stimulation injection site, redness or sensitivity to touch. The personal experiences of our donors will surely convince you that you have nothing to worry about during egg retrieval.

Fear of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
A complication of ovarian stimulation can be the so-called "inappropriate and excessive reaction of the ovaries", called hyperstimulation syndrome. Ovaries can react to the drugs used even after the stimulation and egg retrieval. They may continue to be enlarged, and the woman may feel pressure in the lower abdomen and have a "full belly" feeling. In such cases, the donor comes to the clinic for check-ups and is given infusions that correct this condition. In most cases, the overreaction of the ovaries to stimulation subsides on its own. 1 to 2% of patients is affected by hyperstimulation syndrome, while this condition does not threaten their future fertility in any way. We are proud that over the long operation of the Unica clinic, we have improved our procedures so much that since 2010 we have recorded only two mild cases of hyperstimulation syndrome and, since 2012, none at all. Thanks to our top-notch care, we protect donors from unwanted discomfort, and their cycles are not interrupted. We provide our donors and patients with a stress-less treatment, which is one of the reasons for the high success rate of our clinic.

Pain during egg retrieval
The vast majority of donors rated egg retrieval as painless and did not need to take any painkillers. The process itself takes only 10 minutes and is performed under general anesthesia.

Fear of cancer
Ovarian stimulation has been used in infertility treatment for over 30 years. International teams of specialists have been trying to verify whether this stimulation does not increase the incidence of ovarian cancer and are continuously publishing the results of their studies. The largest of them lasted 20 years and was made in Israel. The results so far have shown that hormonal stimulation of the patient's ovaries does not threaten the increased incidence of cancer. Therefore, this medical procedure is safe and does not affect the woman's other health status and fertility.

Privacy concerns
According to the laws of the Czech Republic and the EU, the donation is completely anonymous, free of charge and voluntary. No private information will be shared with the medical staff, you, or the recipient. Such a procedure excludes any possible identification from both sides.

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