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17. 2. 2022

Thanks - Family Richter


Do you know why we believe our work at Unica clinics is a great mission? Because bringing such happiness to families as can be read from these lines is a great privilege. These moments reassure us that our daily work makes sense. They motivate us to improve constantly because these messages and letters are addictive. Thank you very much, and we wish the whole family good luck and health.


"Dear Mrs Koubková and the rest of the Unica team, 

my husband and I would like to thank you for the gift that fills us all with happiness, gratitude and infinite love. We appreciate each of you who supported us at the beginning of the year (11.1.2021). We thank Dr Cermakova, who took care of us. To all the nurses (especially in the recovery room), whose smile was healing itself. And thank you for the excellent coordination. We will be forever grateful. We are delighted to announce that our daughter Valerie was born on September 22, 2021. (2540 g and 48cm) And she is divine. We send greetings to everyone from Pardubice and thank you very much for everything."

Best wishes, 

Eva and Lukas Richter

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