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25. 8. 2021

Thanks - David


Could you imagine a more meaningful and beautiful job than helping to create families?

We don't. That's why we do it every day. We help couples who are slowly losing hope and encourage them to become parents.

The situation of each of them is different. That's why we approach it individually. Sometimes the treatment is shorter, and sometimes couples have to wait a while for their baby. But the result is always worth it. Once again, we were convinced by Mr David's words and photographs of his children, whom UNICA helped into the world. Thanks!


"We have a very good experience with unica clinic. We thank all the staff for their professional and helpful approach, especially Mr. Frgal, with whom we have always sought the best possible solution after several unsuccessful attempts . Our treatment was more lengthy in our case - in the range of a few years, but ultimately successful. Now we've got two healthy, four-year-old rascals at home. In conclusion, I would like to recommend couples who decide to undergo the procedure not to give up after the first attempts, not feel immediately disappointed and have patience. There are things that can't be rushed and may not succeed the first time. Just be cool, positive and stress-free. This is especially true for future moms. From experience I have to say that psychological well-being does a lot in this regard."

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3. 5. 2023


Unica clinic helped Ádám's parents fulfill their dream of having a baby. Their trust paid off, resulting in a healthy newborn in Hungary. We congratulate the new family and thank them for entrusting their fertility journey to us.


15. 3. 2023

A Christmas Miracle


5. 1. 2023

Little boy


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