No need to postpone your IVF treatment. You are safe in the Czech Republic


The Czech Republic has become a very popular IVF destination in recent years. International patients like it for the very high level of medical services and also excellent IVF treatment prices. In recent days, some of them have asked if it is still safe to travel to the Czech Republic due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. The answer is clear: YES. 

The Czech Republic remains an entirely safe IVF destination for all foreign couples. Due to its geographical location in Central Europe, the Czech Republic borders Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia and does not share borders with any war-torn state. 

Two facts also guarantee the security of the Czech Republic for now and the future; the country is part of the North Atlantic Alliance and also one of the states of the European Union. 

Travelling to the Czech Republic is not limited, and patients arriving from different parts of Europe continue to use the train, air and bus connections. Do you need any information or help in planning your IVF treatment? The treatment coordinators at Unica clinics are here to assist you. The team speaks seven world languages ​​and is always ready to help you plan your trip. 

Unica stands with Ukraine. As an expression of support for Ukraine in the ongoing war, Unica has become a part of the Doctors for Ukraine program. Our specialists thus offer acute medical care to Ukrainian citizens who need medical treatment and do not yet have valid health insurance.

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