New study on air pollution and infertility


How was the new study conducted?

The study took place in China and involved 18,000 couples. According to the results, couples exposed to moderately higher levels of air pollution were more likely to be infertile. In addition, polluted areas show increasingly higher infertility rates, where infertility means not becoming pregnant after one year of trying. These results led scientists to classify pollution as one of the likely causes of rising unexplained infertility. Another study in the US confirms the positive association between pollution and infertility. Here, women exposed to higher levels of pollution in the 3 months before treatment ended up with fewer mature eggs.

How does air pollution increase infertility?

Although studies show that a positive correlation between air pollution and infertility exists, the mechanisms through which one may cause the other are still not very clear. On an overall level, pollution may cause chronic inflammation in the body, potentially undermining sperm and egg production functions. It may mean lower AMH for women, and for men, it may translate into bad sperm quality and abnormal shapes. Inflammation may also increase blood clotting risks and placental insufficiency or issues with the embryo’s growth and development in the uterus.

What can you do?

People can choose to live away from highly polluted areas at the individual level and contribute to decreasing air pollution by car-sharing and other well-known measures. However, it is not always possible to decide to live away from polluted cities because of work-related restraints or different kinds of limitations. Authorities and political entities should take steps in reducing overall air pollution, for example, by strengthening regulations. While air pollution keeps threatening female and male fertility, UNICA is here to help you achieve your dream of having a family. We will do our best so that you can finally hold your long-desired baby in your arms.

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