National Parents' Day


When is National Parents’ Day? 

On the fourth Sunday of July. This year, the exact date will be July 24. The month chosen for this day was July because it comes after the months of May and June, when we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The holiday was first established by President Bill Clinton in 1994 to remind ourselves every year of how crucial the role of parents is in raising kids. 

Why should we celebrate parents? 

Being a parent is not an easy task. It comes with worries and fears, and it can be both mentally and physically challenging. Parents often feel a large weight on their shoulders for the future life of their children. At Unica we know that being a parent can be even harder than that sometimes. Some couples decide that they want to have a baby only to discover that having it naturally is not feasible for some reason. That is why they may come to us. We will be happy to help them as hard as we can to fulfill their dream. Yet why do so many adults want a baby despite the difficulties? Because being a parent brings overwhelming joy and countless moments of happiness. And since happiness is only real when shared, we invite you to check out or blog articles about the true stories of our patients. They will motivate you, and they also motivate us every day in the work we do with passion. 

How to celebrate parents on this day? 

Something as easy as visiting your parents or bringing them a little gift will make them happy. Another idea is to plan a nice Sunday family lunch. At Unica, we believe it’s important to also celebrate future parents, especially the ones that are struggling with fertility. The journey to motherhood for them is harder, and they deserve all the support they need to go through it. What better way to celebrate than starting to get informed about your IVF treatment? If you want some very general information, you can visit our website and especially the blog section, where you will find interesting information about IVF treatments. If you want to get an individualized insight on your situation instead, we suggest booking a consultation with our coordinators and doctors. They will be happy to analyze your medical records and prepare a suitable treatment plan for you. 

Whether you are a parent or you want to become a parent, July 24 will be a good day to focus on how to be a better parent or how to become one. At Unica, we are here to help you realize your dream of parenthood in all possible ways. Thanks to our outstanding medical treatments coupled with a unique holistic approach to fertility, we will take the best care of your future baby. Take this day as a reminder to start your fertility journey as soon as possible. The Unica team will be ready to assist you at any time.

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