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5. 9. 2022



The entire Unica team is always proud of our patient´s positive reactions. Because for us, the most important aspect of our work is patient satisfaction and experience. Please take a look at one of these lovely messages. We are honoured to be able to fulfil the dreams of not only Czech but also foreign patients.

I would like to thank the Unica team, especially Dr. Cepelak and our coordinator Martina. Despite living in London, we decided to undergo the IVF treatment in Prague due to long NHS waiting times and high price tag for private treatment in the UK. We chose Unica after interviewing several Prague based clinics as we liked Dr. Cepelak approach. He happily answered all our questions (and we had a lot of them) and was very supportive during the whole process. This in combination with Martina’s responsiveness made us feel very comfortable and we would highly recommend the clinic.

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3. 4. 2024


It is always a joy to hear that our patients have welcomed a healthy baby. It confirms the success of our work.


6. 3. 2024


Little Dianka is one of the babies who were brought into the world thanks to the excellent care at our clinic.


3. 5. 2023


Unica clinic helped Ádám's parents fulfill their dream of having a baby. Their trust paid off, resulting in a healthy newborn in Hungary. We congratulate the new family and thank them for entrusting their fertility journey to us.