Male infertility - numbers and remedies


False myths 

"Infertility is only a woman's problem". 

"Infertility in men is not as common as it is in women". 

True or false? Our answer is the 40-40-20 rule. Fertility experts agree that about 40% of infertility in couples is due to causes attributable exclusively to the woman, 40% to causes related exclusively to the man, and 20% to a combination of both partners or external reasons. 


The spermiogram should be the very first step at the beginning of any infertility treatment. If the results of this examination fall within the norm, it will then be possible to continue with the analysis of the woman's medical results. 


Although the ticking of men's biological clock is not as pressing as women's, cryopreservation can be useful to avoid disease-related problems or sperm deterioration after turning 40. This is especially true in light of the new studies on the progressive deterioration of sperm quality. However, there is some good news. Cryopreservation for men is much less invasive than it is for women and also cheaper. 

Remedies: prevention 

It isn't easy to identify the factors influencing the spermiogram. Everyone's reaction to external factors is different, but the tips to follow are very simple. Studies show that a healthy lifestyle increases male fertility. 

What to prefer? Vitamins and antioxidants. 

What to avoid? Smoking, obesity, stress. 

Being aware of the spread of infertility even among men and careful prevention can help you fulfil your dream of building a family.


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