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14. 4. 2022

Let's talk eggs. And not just the Easter ones!


Can you even imagine celebrating Easter without eggs? This traditional symbol is an essential part of the spring feast, not only in the form of a painted or chocolate Easter egg. The eggs have always symbolized fertility, abundance and vitality. It marked the beginning of a new life and hope for the future. And it is no different at the beginning of human life. Whether this miracle happens naturally or in the laboratory, it starts with a fertilized egg. This germ cell is way more interesting than it may seem. 

Did you know that: 

1. The egg is bigger than you think 

The human eye cannot see most cells, and we need a microscope to observe them. But the egg is an exception. It is the largest cell in the human body and can be seen without a microscope. Compared to other human cells, they are literally huge and measure the same as a width of a human hair. 

2. Every woman is born with all her eggs 

After birth, each woman has up to seven million eggs in her body. No new eggs are formed in her body during her life. During menstruation, they are released in the fertile phase of a woman's life, and their number gradually decreases with age. 

3. Eggs mature for many years 

Unlike other cells in the human body, eggs take years to mature. They spend a long time inside the ovaries in their immature state and mature just before they are released during the ovulation process. 


Healthy eggs are the basis for every successful pregnancy. That is why we give them the best possible care at Unica clinics. Did you know that you can significantly extend your fertility by freezing your eggs? If you want to ensure your parenthood in the future, do not hesitate to contact us.

Unica Clinic wishes you a Happy Easter!


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