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28. 6. 2022

June is a World Infertility Awareness Month!


The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared June a World Infertility Awareness Month. Through this month, the public can learn more about the fact that the journey to parenthood is more difficult for some couples. There is a perception that infertility affects only a small percentage of our population. However, the WHO points to the fact that up to 48 million couples face problems with conception worldwide. 

Maybe you are in the same situation or know another couple struggling to conceive. Everyone, who has been affected by infertility, is trying to find the reasons for not getting pregnant. There can be several of them. In a third of the cases, the problem is on the woman's part. In another third, there is an issue on the man's part. And in almost 30 % of cases, a combination of both partners' health issues plays a role, or infertility has another unknown reason. 

No matter the cause of conception problems, time is always precious when treating infertility. The fertility of both women and men decreases with age. So it is not the best solution to ignore this problem and hope it will solve itself. Many patients undergoing infertility treatment today will tell you they regret the time they wasted before starting this treatment. An early visit to a fertility specialist will not only provide you with the best chances of successful treatment. With the right diagnosis, you will often find that you have been struggling for years with a problem that is easier to solve than you imagined. 

The first step to parenting can be a simple fertility test that will tell you how easy or difficult it will be for you to start your own family. For women, this test measures the level of AMH and diagnoses the size of the ovarian reserve, i.e., the number of eggs remaining in a woman's ovary at a given time. The test for men includes semen analysis, the spermiogram, from which we can read the number, shape and motility of sperm. 

Whatever the outcome of your fertility test, the Unica Clinic team is here to advise you on the next step in your unique situation. If the results are good, we will help you prepare for your future family, for example, by freezing your healthy eggs and sperm safely and storing them for later use. Even if your test shows an unfavorable result, we will find a solution together that will lead to your desired baby. 

Do you know a better time to check your fertility than during World Infertility Awareness Month? Contact us and book your appointment at Unica today.

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