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10. 2. 2021

IVF does not increase the risk of ovarian cancer, latest study confirms


Since the birth of IVF, one of the crucial debates raised by experts has been the association between fertility treatment and increased ovarian cancer risk. On 17 November 2020, a new study conducted in the Netherlands was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. “Reassuringly, women who received ovarian stimulation for assisted reproductive technology do not have an increased risk of malignant ovarian cancer, not even in the long run”, says the lead author Flora E. van Leeuwen, PhD, from the Netherlands Cancer Institute. 


Who participated in the study and what were the results? 

More than 40,000 infertile or subfertile women were included. One group used Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), while the other did not. According to the results, there was no difference in the increase of ovarian cancer risk between the two groups. Another interesting finding was that the risk was lower for women who had more successful IVF cycles. 

What do these results mean? 

Experts have interpreted these findings in the light of all available data. After a careful analysis, they suggested that the results of the study are inconsistent with the hypothesis that IVF treatments cause increased ovarian cancer risk. At a time where the percentage of infertile couples has reached unprecedented levels, this new study gains even more importance. 

At UNICA, we know that going through fertility treatment can be hard and stressful. And now more than ever, we are delighted to share the results of this study with you. Reassuring our patients is a mission we strive to achieve every day. 

The UNICA team

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