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1. 2. 2022

How to tell my baby that he or she was born from egg donation?


An IVF procedure with egg donation can be a difficult time for parents. This is especially true for future mothers, who have to accept that the embryo will be coming from another woman's eggs, even though their future baby will be growing in their own wound. At Unica, our team always tries to make this procedure as easy and comfortable as possible for both parents. As challenging as it may seem, we still recommend letting your child know about how he or she was born. This way, you avoid the potential consequences of not telling them the truth, which can psychologically harm children in the future. In every family or relationship, communication is the key to success, just like this case. 

If you are thinking about telling your child about their conception using egg donation, this article is the right one for you. How to do that? 

Talking to small children about these topics may seem tricky, but the explanation can be straightforward instead. You can approach the discussion as a story when talking to small children. You could explain how you found the egg donor and how kind she was in helping them and giving them an egg to be fertilized. 

Explaining this to an adolescent can be more difficult. They could be less comprehensive and have negative reactions because you did not tell them earlier. A discussion with a teenager has to be more specific. Try to keep in mind that patience is key, and you can reveal things step by step. You can start by saying that conceiving a child was very difficult for you as a couple and that you aimed to find the best solutions. Then you visited many doctors and found out that the best possible way to get pregnant was to go through egg donation. 

This discussion will lead to your child asking questions, so don't be afraid to answer them and try to adapt your explanations to your child's age. Growing up, your child may ask if he or she can meet the donor. However, this is not possible at Unica because all donations are anonymous. 

Egg donation is not necessarily an easy process. And this is true for parents as well as for children. That is why they need to know as soon as possible where they come from. At Unica clinics, our coordinators are there to advise you on your current IVF procedure and what happens next. Our team does its best to make your dream of having a baby come true!

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