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18. 7. 2020

Holistic methods to increase the chances of conception


The IVF treatment process can be stressful, yet your well-being is essential to its success. Meditation, relaxation techniques and breathing exercises help relieve stress which can increase your chances of conception up to tens per cent.

Hormonal yoga is a non-invasive aid in the treatment of female infertility. Special exercises stimulate the ovaries and relieve tension in the body. Hormonal yoga differs from classical yoga through energetic movements that harmonize the body. It complements traditional medicine and amplifies the chances of conception.

Traditional Chinese medicine treats infertility with acupuncture. In the Western world, this supportive treatment is recommended before and after embryo transfer. Acupuncture can better prepare the body for pregnancy and prevent miscarriage.

At Unica Clinic, we always view treatment comprehensively and tailored to each patient's needs. We like to supplement treatment with non-invasive forms of therapy such as hormonal yoga or acupuncture. Our team also includes an experienced psychologist who helps couples to cope with difficult treatment situations. We achieve the best results thanks to our holistic approach to healing.

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