Covid 19: General situation and measures in the Czech Republic

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Covid 19: General situation and measures in the Czech Republic

Autumn IVF treatment in the Czech Republic? Feels calm and safe. 

As we are entering the fall season, many countries are imposing new restrictions to slow the spread of coronavirus pandemic. The Czech government is also taking new measures to protect its citizens. The stricter measures bring greater security and also another positive. In the Czech Republic, it is now possible to focus on infertility treatment under the best conditions. What is the situation in the country? And how can your planned IVF treatment go? 

The peaceful atmosphere of cities for a fraction of the price

 With the onset of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the Czech Republic is gradually introducing strict measures to prevent its spread.

 The country focuses on:

 - intensive testing and limits some leisure activities to reduce the risk of transmission in the community.

 - It is obligatory to wear a facemask in all indoor and outdoor spaces and to keep social distancing. 

Due to these restrictions, Czech cities became very quiet. It gives the visitors a chance to explore the historical centres without facing the tourist crowds. Restaurants are opened for a window-sale or through takeaway applications such as Wolt. Tourists can also visit grocery stores or farm markets. Local hotels or Airbnb apartments offer unbeatable prices and visitors can stay there without restrictions. The country's state borders remain open and the international flights and train connections are available.

Unica comes up with new treatment options 

Even in Unica, we follow strict safety measures to protect your health. All areas of the clinic are constantly disinfected and staff and patients are both required to wear facemasks. Our team strives to ensure that the current situation has the least possible impact on your planned treatments. We offer our patients the possibility to prepare for their treatment remotely. We provide them with online consultations and examinations at partner clinics in their country. This means, in most cases, that patients only have to come once to our clinics in the Czech Republic. Our coordinators plan this visit with you to make it a stress-free experience. We provide professional testing for COVID-19 in our laboratories, should you need a test returning home. The self-isolation upon your return is a great opportunity to rest, which is more than appropriate after embryo transfer. We can make it together!

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