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31. 5. 2020

Coronavirus: Restrictions in the Czech Republic are being relaxed


Unica clinics are fully open both on-site as well as online for treatment or for its preparation! Contact our coordinator to find out the simplest way to organize your treatment in the Czech Republic as borders are progressively re-opening!

Covid-free: Unica clinics as always follow the highest hygiene and disinfection standards. On top, Unica since the start of the pandemic implemented additional measures such as a dual-shift system to prevent any quarantine measures to impair the continuity of your treatment. Don’t postpone your dream.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a low number of coronavirus cases (less than 10000 overall) and new cases have been decreasing every day. The Czech Republic will be re-opening business and services according to the following timeline:

May 11

● Airline, train, and bus routes to certain European cities

● Large shops and shopping centers

● Spas and wellness centers

● Restaurants and pubs with outdoor seating

May 25

● Restaurants - indoor and outdoor seating

● Hotels

● Masks will no longer be mandatory


Travel options are changing frequently. Contact our team and we can provide the latest information as well as help with arrangements for accommodation.

Knowing the current situation may be stressful, Unica offers free of charge until end of June (treatment planned or started) the latest embryological methods in the value of EUR 800. We are here to help you accomplish your dream in all situations.

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