Even with endometriosis, you can become a mom.


What are the reasons for female infertility or reduced fertility? There are a number of them. Genetic disorder, immunological problems or even lifestyle may be to blame. However, one of the main causes is endometriosis. This disease can lead to sterility of the patient. What are the symptoms? And do you still have a chance of having a baby if you have endometriosis? 

Endometriosis will help to detect menstruation 

In the period of menstruation, the so-called endometrial, lining of the uterine cavity, leaves the female body. However, due to hormonal and immunological changes, it may happen that these cells do not leave the body. They then settle outside the uterus on other reproductive organs. This causes inflammation andaddjunments (adhesions?), which make patients have trouble to get pregnant. Women suffering from endometriosis describe painful and very strong menstruation. Some of them may also complain of pain during sexual intercourse or notice traces of blood in the urine. In all these cases, an examination is carried out at the gynecologist, who will confirm or disprove the disease. 

What are the chances of a baby? 

Endometriosis is a scarecrow for all women yearning for a baby. Although it can often indicate complications with conception or pregnancy itself, it does not imply automatic infertility. Each case must therefore be evaluated individually. Patients who cannot conceive spontaneously often manage to conceive using the IVF method. In some more complicated cases, when endometriosis has reduced the supply of eggs or damaged the ovaries, patients are advised to use the eggs from the donor. In the vast majority of cases, this treatment is successful. Healthy eggs by donors in such a situation mean a chance for a baby even for those patients who would otherwise have to give up motherhood due to endometriosis.

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