European fertility week 2022


Fertility Europe, the Pan-European organization representing patients' associations dedicated to infertility, organizes its 7th European Fertility Week. Since its establishment in 2016, the annual European Fertility Week has been held in the first week of November. This year the date falls on November 7-13, 2022.
In 2022, the EFW will dedicate the whole week to bringing awareness to the patient's fertility journey and the difficulties they often have to deal with.

25 million. This number represents the number of patients facing infertility throughout Europe. Each patient's story is unique, and the length of their journey is different. Yet still, there is plenty they have in common. Their struggle to start a family is not only a physical but also a mental challenge.

Patients with fertility issues encounter many obstacles and problems. Many experience several setbacks and falls before receiving adequate and quality medical care. Even though they come from different European countries, they deal with similar challenges that are important to discuss. Why? To bring awareness on the topic of the human reproductive system. To remove barriers to access to fertility treatments across Europe. But also to support those fighting the same fight and losing hope.
Because the real patient's experience helps other couples find their motivation in infertility treatment and gives them the support and hope they need.

In Unica, we know that highly personalized treatment and a personal approach to each patient are vital for achieving the best possible results. That is why psychologists, acupuncturists, physiotherapists or fertility yoga lectors work closely with IVF medical experts at our clinic. We strive to ensure that the physical health of our patients is in balance with their mental state and mental well-being.

To give our patients the first-hand experience, Unica created a unique ambassador program to support patients during their infertility treatment. Other patients who are a few steps further on their way or are currently dealing with the same problem share their experiences and give each other hope. Their communication helps them overcome uncertainty and doubts on the way to their desired baby.

Take the first step and use European Fertility Week as an excellent opportunity to test your fertility. Whether you want to learn more about your health or start dealing with your fertility problems, the Unica team is here to help. Contact our coordinators today.

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