Coronavirus: Fertility Treatments and Pregnancy


COVID-19 is spreading around the World and the question whether it impacts fertility care and pregnancy is legitimate for all couples facing treatment and pregnancy.

Based on current recommendations from the scientific societies UNICA Clinic is part of (ASRM, ESHRE, International Fertility Alliance) let us cite the following statements:

Early studies do NOT show any transmission of COVID-19 from infected mothers to their fetus/child.

COVID-19 is NOT related to the ZIKA virus, which has proven negative impact on pregnancy and fetal development.

As measure of prudence, fertility patients undergoing treatment have the option to delay the transfer of the embryo through its cryopreservation until the stabilization of the situation.


UNICA Clinic closely follows each public health concern. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, all preventive measures on-site and off-site have been taken to make sure no employee, supplier or patient showing signs of infection would be admitted to the site. Reinforced hygiene and disinfection measures have been implemented.

UNICA Clinic is open and ready to answer further questions, support you and take care of you. Some procedures might be postponed based on current recommendations. However, fertility treatment is a journey, requires time, and this may be the period when many of our patients have an opportunity to focus on themselves and request guidance.

UNICA offers videoconference medical consultations to accommodate patients who are in a quarantined environment and cannot travel for a personal consult at the moment.

In times of public health crisis, the awareness of health issues including fertility health problems rises. Contact us, we are here to answer your questions, advise you and help you achieve your dream in the safest way possible.


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