Can you increase your chances of conception? Yes, and we’ll help you take care of it this summer!


You no longer need to postpone your planned IVF treatment. UNICA clinics have been in operation for two months and our experts are working fully. Spring 2020 was an uncertain time for all of us. To support our patients during these times, we offered state-of-the-art technology that helped increase the chance of conception, completely free of charge for each IVF cycle. We were pleased with the number of positive reactions and even more so with the pregnancy results. That is why we decided to extend this special promotion until the end of August! What methods can you use for free?

MicroChip Fertile Plus is friendly to swimmers. 

Choosing the best sperm is a science. What nature does organically, we imitate with various modern technologies. One of these uses a special microchip for sperm selection. When used, sperm pass through a micro-barrier that mimics the environment of a woman’s reproductive system. We use their own movement, which is a much more gentle procedure than the often used centrifugation method. Sperm selected in this way have better motility, morphology, and viability, causing the chance of successful fertilization to increase significantly.


EmbryoGlue holds and does not release.

Even when using the EmbryoGlue method, we were inspired by nature. This gentle method uses a special medium on which the embryo is inserted into the uterus. This medium contains important nutrients and energy sources which help the embryo to develop optimally. It also includes the substance hyaluronan, also known as “tissue glue.” Thanks to this, the embryo is fixed more firmly on the uterine wall and its unwanted movement is minimized. A well-nested embryo means one thing: a higher chance of a successful pregnancy.


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