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19. 1. 2022

Are you travelling to the Czech Republic? These are the current measures and restrictions


Are you planning to undergo infertility treatment in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic? You are certainly interested in what measures and restrictions you should take into account in the current situation. To make your journey as easy as possible, we have put together the main rules for you in this article. 

Before arrival 

The entry to the Czech Republic is somewhat limited, and its conditions vary depending on which country you are coming from. If you travel by plane or any other public transport, you need to fill in the online arrival form before entering the Czech Republic. A smooth arrival awaits all those who have undergone a complete vaccination. If you are not fully vaccinated, you will need proof of a negative antigen or RT-PCR test. You can find more specific information based on the country you are travelling from here.

During your stay

It is necessary to have your mouth covered with an FFP2 / KN 95 class respirator in the Czech Republic when staying indoors. Do you want to use the services of hotels and restaurants? They are only available for guests with a complete vaccination certificate or a confirmation of past illness not older than 180 days. If you fancy a hot drink during the winter walk, choose coffee or tea. Alcohol consumption is prohibited in public places. 

At Unica clinics 

Unica clinics in Prague and Brno adhere to strict hygienic measures to ensure your maximum safety. Our teams of experts are available every day to support you on your journey to parenthood. Our treatment coordinators speak seven world languages ​​and are here to help you plan your trip anytime you need. 

Do you need a confirmation of planned medical treatment for your trip? We will send it to you shortly. 

Do you need to undergo an RT-PCR test to return to your home country? We will be happy to do it for you at the clinics free of charge.

Is there anything else that could make your journey easier? Do not hesitate to contact us.


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