All you need to know about treatment, clearly and in one place: this is the Unica patient zone!


At Unica, we always strive to offer the most modern approach and technology for fertility treatments. At the same time, our goal is to make the journey of becoming a parent as easy as possible for you. That's why a unique online patient zone is available to you at any time. Thanks to it, you have immediate access to all information related to your IVF treatment. You can follow all the news, the treatment's process, and evaluation clearly and in an easily accessible place. 

What can you find in the patient zone?

Complete information 

 All important data and information specific to your treatment. Convenient, clear and in one place.

Medical questionnaire 

Before your first clinic appointment, you will be able to fill in this questionnaire in the comfort of your home. Thanks to this, our first meeting will be less formal and individually tailored to you.

Payment report 

In your patient zone, which is accessible only for you, you can see a breakdown of all payments.

Embryo development 


Do you like having everything under control? There is a possibility to monitor the current embryo development as a part of the patient zone. 

For many couples, infertility treatment is a stressful period. That's why we're constantly improving and simplifying the patient zone to provide you with additional support and assistance. In its latest updated version, we also focus on a holistic approach to treatment and balance physical health and mental well-being. Log in to your patient zone and get to know our holistic fertility methods suitable for you!

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