About those who give hope

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About those who give hope

Patients after cancer treatment, severe gynecological surgery or those with reduced egg quality. These women would not have a chance to become a mother without the help of our donors. Only thanks to donated eggs, they can successfully get pregnant and have their own family. What does such a donor look like and what criteria must she meet? 

Young, smart and empathetic 

We select donors for the database according to very strict criteria. A perfect health and mental condition is the main criteria. All donors are young women under the age of 30 who are at least high school educated. Very often, it is university students or young mothers on maternity leave who have signed up for a donor program to help others. The fact that we managed to compile a really extensive database of these heroines shows that we at Unica provide them with the best possible support, safety and comfort. 

Different and yet the same 

The egg donor and the recipient, a potential mother, share more than they seem to at first glance. Although they never meet, they have a lot in common. They are even similar! We place great emphasis on their mutual form. We choose a suitable donor for each couple so that it has, for example, the same color of eyes, hair or type of figure as the recipient of the egg. As a result, the baby is more likely to inherit the same physiognomic traits. Most of our donors have Central European features and blue or green eyes. However, our donor program also includes donors of other races who help, for example, racially mixed couples or couples from abroad.

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