Egg freezing

Egg freezing with the latest CryoTop technology is extremely gentle. Save your oocytes for later use.


Who is egg freezing suitable for?

for women under 30 years of age

Freezing eggs at a young age guarantee the highest quality of cells. It is excellent prevention in case any health problem occurs later in life. Of course, cryopreservation can also be carried out at an older age, but the eggs may no longer be of the best possible quality.

for patients with an oncological diagnosis

Oncological treatment, radiation, or chemotherapy can negatively and sometimes irreversibly affect egg production. Cryopreservation made before these procedures can thus ensure your fertility. Egg freezing is also an excellent option for patients undergoing operative treatment or removing specific organs.

for women currently without a partner

You might not have a suitable partner right now, and you are afraid that you will waste your chance to become a mother by waiting for him. Freezing your eggs in such a case will bring you greater certainty and peace of mind that you can start a family in the future.

for women postponing motherhood

More and more couples have a family later in life. However, we are not able to stop the biological clock. Cryopreservation is a suitable solution if you want to preserve the highest possible quality of eggs, even at an older age.

How does cryopreservation work?

At Unica clinics, we use the latest CryoTop technology, in which cells are immersed in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196 °C and immediately frozen. This method is significantly more gentle than slow freezing. During the slow freezing, the water in the cells turns into ice crystals, which often damage the eggs. However, thanks to CryoTop technology, up to 95% of eggs remain intact after thawing. Using this latest cryopreservation method, we achieve comparable IVF treatment results to using fresh eggs.

Test your fertility!

Fertility tests at the Unica clinic will show how easy or difficult it would be for you to start a family. In addition to primary factors such as age, weight (BMI) and smoking, we will also check your anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH), vitamin D level, or DHEA level. During the ultrasound examination, we will evaluate the ovarian reserve, i.e. the number of eggs in the ovary. At the end of this test, our experts will tell you the prognosis of your chances of getting pregnant or recommend appropriate measures or a medical procedure.


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