Egg donation

Egg donation

Egg donation gives women with poor-quality oocytes, or the lack of oocytes altogether, the option to undergo a safe and effective fertility treatment. Unica has been providing egg donation treatment since 2003, making us the clinic with the longest track record and experience in egg donation in the Czech Republic. Approximately one-third of women, who have difficulty with conception, either have ovaries unable to produce eggs suitable for fertilization or do not have any ovaries at all. In these instances, Czech Law allows for the possibility to use donated eggs as a method of fertility.

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For whom is treatment with donated egg suitable?


She has no ovaries


She has severe form of ovarian endometriosis


She has premature ovarian failure


She does not have enough quality eggs or cannot produce them


Oocyte factor - repeatedly very low number of acquired oocytes and their low quality, frequent failure of fertilization, scoring, implantation with using own oocytes


Genetic predisposition (indication) - not solvable by preimplantation genetic diagnostics

Our modern clinics in Prague and Brno

Discover an individualized experience with unrivalled professionalism, comfort, and attention. We offer the highest quality of medical care at two convenient locations. Both clinics are staffed by very bright and well qualified professionals, use the latest equipment, offer no waiting periods, and apply the most rigorous best practice standards.

What is the success rate of egg donation treatment?

Since the embryos originate from oocytes obtained from young women, the success rates are very high, even during the first cycle. The cumulative success rate in the first complete Egg Donation treatment cycle at UNICA stands at 70% (1st fresh transfer plus additional cryo-transfers from same fertilization) and 97% from 3 complete cycles.

Cumulative pregnancy rate

1. embryotransfer


based on number of completed cycles

based on 2020 results at Unica

How it works?

We have built an extensive database of donors since we work with donations at our clinic. So we always have enough tested donors, which means that treatment can begin as soon as possible.

Egg donation

doc 1

Reservation of the appointment, initial consultation

dotaznik 2

Preparation of the treatment - filling in the anamnestic questionnaire

vysetreni 3

Necessary examinations (at home or on the day of consultation with the doctor)

doc 4

Consultation with the IVF doctor (at a distance or directly at the clinic): preparation of the treatment plan

student 5

Donor choosing

pills 6

Endometrial preparation


Donor egg collection, partner's sperm and subsequent fertilization

embryo1 8


test 9

Pregnancy test

pregnant 10

Pregnancy confirmation

Our team

Unica’s team of physicians, coordinators, and nurses consists of carefully chosen professionals with great personal qualities dedicated to patient satisfaction. Our employees are a carefully selected and well-coordinated team of doctors and nurses with great human and professional qualities who are always ready to address every concern of even the most demanding patients. Meet our team:

MUDr. Tomáš Frgala, Ph.D.

MUDr. Tomáš Frgala, Ph.D.

IVF lead physician, Brno

MUDr. Tomáš Čepelák

MUDr. Tomáš Čepelák

IVF lead physician, Prague

MUDr. Jiří Gogela, CSc.

MUDr. Jiří Gogela, CSc.

IVF specialist

Mgr. Sylvie Hlaváčová, Ph.D.

Mgr. Sylvie Hlaváčová, Ph.D.

Head Embryologist, Brno

Ing. Vlastimil Weber

Ing. Vlastimil Weber

Head Embryologist, Prague


Eva and Radan

Eva and Radan

After asking around for references within our network, we thankfully landed on Unica!

Our story began many years ago when my husband and I decided to get married after several years of dating. We were both already in our 30’s at the time of the wedding and definitely had plans of starting a family, albeit, not right away.

Andrea and Premek

Andrea and Premek

We tried many different clinics, but it was the same no matter where we went. We were finally put in touch with Unica and decided to give it one last try.

My husband and I started struggling to have a baby seven years ago. By that time, I went to regular gynecologic examinations, which showed that I had serious health problems. I was devastated, almost depressed, and would start crying anytime someone mentioned the word children “child”.

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