Egg donation

Egg Donation gives women with poor-quality oocytes, or the lack of oocytes altogether, the option to undergo a safe and effective fertility treatment. Unica has been providing Egg Donation treatment since 2003 making us the clinic with the longest track record and experience in Egg Donation in the Czech Republic.

It is believed that approximately one third of women, who have difficulty with conception, either have ovaries unable to produce eggs suitable for fertilization or do not have any ovaries at all. In these instances, Czech Law allows for the possibility to use donated eggs as a method of fertility. Our mission since the clinic’s inception has been to bring healthy babies into this world while respecting all medical, legislative, ethical, and social considerations with the highest level of care. We continue to show all Unica Patients who are considering this treatment the presence of safety, joy and beauty throughout the process.

Who are our donors?

Donors are young women under the age of 30, who volunteer to help other women who cannot conceive. They are mostly students or young mothers on maternity leave. Donors are very carefully selected to ensure the highest quality of eggs. Unica has internal criteria that are much stricter than the Law requires, which presents, besides the basis of the high success rate in our donor program, the subject of our know-how.

Martina - dárkyně


Martina is a University student and an egg donor. She has a big heart and a given person and know feels great joy knowing that she can impact a family by helping them conceive.

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How do we select the egg donors?

Donor selection is a complex process influenced by many factors. We put the most emphasis on fulfilling each individual requests of our patient couples.

We focus our attention on the resemblance between donor and recipient.

The donor selection process respects her physiognomy including hair color and eye color, as well as her physique.

Donors are young women, no older than 30 years of age, who register into our donor center and wish to help other women.

In most cases, donors are university students or young mothers on maternity leave who are carefully selected in order to ensure oocytes of the highest quality. Every donor has, at a minimum, a high-school education.

All donors must always fulfil strict criteria for egg donation and embryos

This criteria is in accordance with the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (Guidelines for oocyte donation of The American Society of Reproductive Medicine, published in Fertility and Sterility Journal, Vol.77, No. 6, Suppl. 5, June 2002).

All donors must, of course, fulfil all legal requirements as defined by Czech Law.

At Unica, we take it one step further and have defined a set of internal selection criteria that are even more strict and stringent than Czech regulations which is reflected in our success rates and the result of our fundamental know-how.


„We always have enough of the tested donors; therefore, the treatment can start as soon as possible.“


Given our interest and expertise in Egg Donation, we have built an extensive donor database that prevents Unica patients from experiencing waiting lists and delays and allows them to start the treatment as soon as possible.

What therapy and treatments are involved in the preparation of egg donation treatment?

Ovarian stimulation of the donor is synchronized with the preparation of the recipient (the future mother). All matured eggs obtained from the donor are granted to one recipient. The eggs are subsequently fertilized in the laboratory using the sperm of the recipient’s partner. After five days of cultivation, the best embryo is transferred into the uterus of the future mother, where the following development process lasts until the delivery.

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