Travelling for IVF treatment? UNICA will make it easier

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Travelling for IVF treatment? UNICA will make it easier

One year ago, couples routinely travelled across the world, hoping that the international state-of-the-art fertility treatments would fulfil their dream of their own family. However, the coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot. But at the same time, it has challenged us to look for new solutions to help couples even in these difficult times. What do we do in UNICA to make your journey to IVF as easy as possible? 

We take care of the paperwork and PCR test 

Some European and non-European countries still require an essential reason to travel across borders. If this is the case for you, we will prepare all written confirmations for proving that you travel for medical treatment. In many cases, a two-week quarantine is also required after returning home. However, this can be limiting for some couples. Therefore, free PCR and Rapid testing are available to all UNICA clinics patients. And this will make your IVF journey a little more comfortable again. 

We will coordinate your journey 

It is no surprise there are top fertility specialists in the UNICA team. But you might not know that we also have treatment coordinators helping our patients with anything around their IVF journey. They can, for example, help you find suitable accommodation for a fraction of the price. Last year, we welcomed patients from more than 26 countries to our clinics! And so we became experienced in finding and booking the right connections and flights. And we are more than happy to share this experience with you.

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