Thanks - Family Dorušinec

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Thanks - Family Dorušinec

Receiving ‘thank you’ notes from patients not only puts a big smile on our faces, they also make the work we do very fulfilling for the entire Unica Team.

Dear Unica Clinic team,

This way, we would like to thank you. Mainly thanks to you, our coveted daughter Sara was born on March 1, 2019. Thank you not only for this successful "journey" but also for the willing, dedicated, and kind approach we have encountered with you. You know what is right, not only professionally, but also humanly. Thanks to you, the difficult journey full of questions "why us?" was more bearable and full of hope. We will always be grateful to you - the great doctors, nurses, embryologists, and all members of the team at this "factory of joy".

Have a nice day!

Best regards,

Family Dorušinec

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